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Saturday, 27 June 2020

India China comparison

India vs China defense budget and equipment comparison

India have active army personel 1300000 and China have active army personel 2100000.

Chinese defence budget is three times bigger than indian defence budget :- 

  • China defence budget= $ 212 billion 
  • Indian defence Budget =$ 72 billion

China has over 2 million troops employed in active military service compared to 1.3 million on the Indian side. Its defence budget is four times at USD 225 billion compared to that of India, which is approximately USD 55 billion.
China’s tank strength stands at a stupendous 13,000 plus compared to India’s 4,100 plus. And its armoured fighting vehicles are at a staggering 40,000; India pales into insignificance with just over 2,800. Similarly,

it Since the 1990s, China modernised its air force at a rapid rate. In 1990s, it had 5,000 aircraft but most of the aircraft were obsolete like the Soviet MiG 19s and MiG 21s. China is now upgrading its fleet to a next Genration.


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