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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

G4 flu 'Pandemic potential' found in china

G4 virus Found in Pigs of China Another Pandemic outbreak. Scientist gives Alert Globaly.

Scientist research that G4 flu in pigs have simillar receptors like corona virus which can harm the whole mankind if came contact with humans and lead cause for Pandemic Outbreak.
But in recent there is no signs of spreading host to humans but later may be evolved the genetic code which will be harmful for whole mankind.

US researchers found that G4 flu is capable of making a huge destruction thats why they are alraming that put some sanction on China for the use of thes animals in their street where deadly viruses originated like Coronavirus.
This types of viruses may mutate in future and cause a huge damage to mankind.US researchers said Stay alert

Some  strict actions required to be taken against China for the avoid to use of such animals in food habitat which will lead a huge threat to a world.

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