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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

How to detoxify the body

How to detoxify your body ?

How to detoxify your body ?

In modern life, we consume mostly packed food in which contains a lot of preservatives. In these days natural food item is not available so in every food item contain a chemical which toxify our body. Even water air we consume is also not pure.
DUE to these toxins our body get a lot of problems.It is important to detox your body with a proper cleanse.
1. Lemon tea :-

How to detoxify the body
Start your day with lemon tea it hardly takes 5minute to prepare it. The combination of water and lemon has the capacity to eliminate the toxin from your body .you can also add ginger for better results.
Lemon and ginger both improve your digestion power and boost your metabolism power.
But consume it in an empty stomach for getting better results.

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2. Green tea :-

  • Instead of consuming tea or coffee.
  • Drink green tea which is better than tea or coffee 
  • Green tea clean your digestive system also improves your metabolism power.
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3. Don't drink package juice :-
  • Because for long-lasting they contain the preservatives and also contain other chemicals that create toxicity in your body.
  • Try to consume fresh juice especially neem and Alovera juice.
4. Drink pure water :- 
  • keep yourself hydrated at all times drink at least 8-10glass of water approx. 
  • 2-litre water also flushes the toxin from your body.

5. Take adequate sleep :-

  • Detoxifying your body also detoxifies your mind as well.
  • Full body detox is also important. During sleep, your brain flushes out the toxins fro.m your body and during the sleep time, your liver also detoxifies itself.
6. Eat probiotics diet :-
  • Probiotics have bacteria that increase your gut movement and clean your digestive system. with probiotics, your good bacteria are able to produce nutrient called short-chain fatty acids.
  • Eating food rich in probiotics keep your immunity high and detoxifies your body.
  •  Good food sources for probiotics is the banana onion garlic tomato.
7. Eat antioxidant food :-
  • Antioxidants protect your cell against damage caused by a molecule called free radicals.
  • Your body naturally produces these molecules eating food in rich antioxidants can help your body fight oxidant stress caused by excess free radicals and other toxins that increase risk of your disease.
  • Source of antioxidant  Berries, fruits, nuts, beverage, coffee, green tea.
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Conclusion – How to detoxify the body? How did the article feel? You must comment in the comment box below. Or if you want to give some kind of suggestion, you can share your opinion with us in the Comment Box below.

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