Thursday, 2 July 2020

Mental health in pandemic

According to WHO : Is a state of well being in which individual reliaze his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stress of life can work productively and is able to make contribution to his or her own community .

In these days many of us are feeling out of control .we have a new and constant pressure is adding in our life.Due to this stress anxiety depression and insomia are all common things that we might have 
Mental health can effect daily life relation as well as physical health.

Cause of Mental Health :-

  • Social problem 
  • Biological factor
  • Financial problem these all effect on individual mental health.


  • Occupation
  • Social involvement
  • Education
  • Housing quality
  • Love 
  • Gender 
  • Age

Common Health disorder :-

  1. Anxitey disorder
  2. panic disorder
  3. schizophrenia disorder
  4. Anxiety disorders
e.g of anxiety disorder

  • Sign and symptom.
  • Fatigue , 
  • Disturb sleep 
  • Restlessness
2.Panic Disorder :- People with  panic disorder experience regularly panic attack 

PHOBIAS-means fear from a particular thing like spider water ,fire.

MOOD DISORDERS :- People with these conditions have significant changes in mood generally involving either mania which is period of high energy and depression .

3.Schizophrenic disorder. 

  • Science didn't define this disorders clearly .
  • Sign- develop between the age of 16- 30 years 
  • Including both positive and negative symptom
  • Like delusion, hallucinations , lack of motivation inappropriate mood 

Therapies :-
  • Like congritive behaviour therapy
  • Exposure therapy 
  • Medication.

Self help :- 

  • Do some changes like reduce your alcohol intake 
  • Sleep more
  • Have balance diet 
  • Deep breath 
  • Meditation
  • Social support
  • Give love talk with loved ones
  • Keep positive thoughts 
  • Stay physically as well as mentally healthy 
  • Enjoy

Sign of mental illness person :-

  • Feel hopeless
  • Sleep too much or very less 
  • Negative emotions
  • Hearing non existent voice 
  • Memories that reappear regularly
  • Live away from friend family and colleagues

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