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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

G4 virus Updates

New Chinese G4EA H1N1 virus

This virus spread from China from pig farm.This virus is highly infectious virus replicating in human cell causing more serious symptom than other virus G4 virus bind to human type receptor produce much higher progeny in human airway epithelial cells (mucosa of nose ).It attack trachea and eventually lungs which can cause death.It show efficient ineffectivity and aersol transmission in ferrets . Moreover low antigenic cross reactivity of human influenza vaccine strain with G4 reassortant EAH1N1 virus indicate that preexisting population of immunity does not provide protection against G4 virus .
Serological surveillance among accoupational exposure population shows that 10.4% of are positive for G4 virus especially.
G4 virus has acquired increase human ineffectivity greatly enhance the opportunity of virus adoptation in human raise concern for possible generation of pandemic use 

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