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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Take care of skin in summer

How to take care of skin in summer.
1.Drink more water.
water is most important substance for healthy skin tissue.water keep your skin soft and smooth.
Water eliminate the toxin from your skin through the sweating and urine.
2. Eat more citrus fruit.
Because citrus fruits contain vitamin c which help hypopigmentaion which improves your skin wrinkles and can help with collagen production.

3.Leave in cooler place .
Person should stay mostly in cooler places .
Person should wear sun protective cloth mostly cotton clothes. Water the sunprotective eyeglasses during outdoor.
Wear the extra large hat
4.use sunscreen.
The UV rays can be very harsh Beside giving you a stubborn tan they can cause premature aging pimples and wrinkles.A good sunscreen with SPF 30_5 is vital for the summer most for ll skin types .If you do swimming then apply the sunscreen multiple times.
  • 5.Exfoliation.
use a scrubber or any other removal substance which removes the dirt or oil from your skin .But use a suitable scrubber which is suitable for your skin type.Massage with a scrubber in circular motion.

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