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Friday, 10 July 2020

What is pranayama, Types of Pranayama and its benefits

Pranayam is control of breath pran is breath pran represents the pranic energy responsible for the life and life force.

What is pranayama, Types of Pranayama and its benefits, what is pranayama and its benefits, what is pranayama breathing - https://www.24hoursbharat.com/

Respiration is closely related to your heart and the quality of your heart directly affects the span of life.
What is pranayama, Types of Pranayama and its benefits, what is pranayama and its benefits, what is pranayama breathing - https://www.24hoursbharat.com/Acharya Patanjali explained that (in yoga sutra) Pranayam as mean of attaining the higher state of awareness he mentions holding of breath as important practice of reaching Samadhi. Hath yoga also talked about 8types of pranayama which will make the body and mind fit and healthy.

Acc.to Ayurveda five types of prana are responsible for various pranic activity :-

  • Prana
  • Udan
  • Saman
  • Vyan
  • Apan
Out of this prana and upan are very important.

Types of Pranayama :-

  1. Natural breathing 
  2. Fast breathing
  3. Deep breathing
  4. Abdominal breathing
  5. Thoracic breathing
  6. Yogic breathing 
  7. Vilom breathing
  8. Anulom vilom
  9. Cooling breath- Kali mudra 
  10. Ujjjayi breathing
  11. Brahamari breathing
  12. Bhastrik pranyam
  13. Surya bhedan 

The benefit of pranayama :-

Through the regular and sustained practice of pranayama, you can change your whole body.
A regular practice Pranayam can stimulate your parasympathetic system .our breathing pattern is also very closely linked to our emotional system .when we are in energy state we breathe in different ways when we are nervous we are in the emotional state we breath in a different way.

When we practice pranayama the veil is drawn away from the mind and there is growing clarity. The mind becomes ready for deep mediation. (yoga sutra)
So by practicing pranyam we clear the obstacles in our body allowing breath and energy to move freely .our breathing is improved our body functions better and we clear and calm the mind.

Pranyam techniques :-

  1. Inhalation
  2. Internally retention of breath 
  3. Exhalation.
  4. Externally retention of breath 

Some important pranyam and their benefits :-

1.Ujjayi breathing :- Also known as ocean breathing .ujjayi creates heat in the body and creates stability.
  • It controls thyroid, sleep apneia, cure throat infection.
2. Nadi Shodhan . Is a useful technique of breath it keeps your mind calm happy and peaceful.
  • This technique balance the energy channel  Ida, pingla, and sushmna, and every chakra 
  • Nadi shodhan also balance the two hemispheres of the brain . It improves the focus and concentration also clear out blocked channel energy.
  • If you can't do all the pranayama do this one daily.
3. Kapal bhati.
  • Also known as skull shining breath.
  • Kapal means skull and bhati mean light.It improves the circulation especially to the brain which gives skull shinning effect emerging the mind and walking up your system 
  • Kapal bhati also create heat and increase and stimulates the digestive fire by the contraction of abdominal muscles.
3. Bhastrika.
  • Also known as bellow breathing.
  • It differs from the kapal bhati .In this abdominal muscles are used to strongly contract and expand bellowing the breath in and out .It detoxifies and energizing the body. It tones the abdominal muscles and digestive system.
  • Bhastrika balance tridosh also balances the nervous system to calm the mind.
4. Nauli.

  • Is one of strong pranayama technique and is also known as shatkarm.
  • Nauli is an abdominal massage.In this person's leave in standing position keeps his hand on thighs and tries to expel breath as much as possible through the Mouth.
  • Bai massage the whole abdominal area. It stimulates the Manipur's chakra.
5. Samvritti .
  • Mean equal ratio.In this Pranayam focus on all our parts of breath equally. Samvritti helps the mind to focus and remove distractions easily.
6. Bhramari.
  • Use sound to breathe and calm the mind and nervous system . Bhramari helps to improve focus and concentration.Brhamri relives from all tension and stress and also helps you get rid of the headache and reduce anger. Helpful for students.
7. Mudras of pranyam .

Mudra is to influence the prana in the thoracic area of the body.

  1. Prana mudra. Tip of middle and ring finger touch the tip of the thumb.
  2. Apan mudra. Tip of  index and middle finger to touch the tip of the thumb.
  3. Saman mudra. Ring and little finger touch the tip of the thumb.
  4. Udana mudra . Tip of index middle ring finger little finger touch the tip of the thumb.
  5. Vyan mudra. Tip of the middle ring touches the tip of the thumb.
Conclusion – What is pranayama, Types of Pranayama, and its benefits? How did the article feel? You must comment in the comment box below. Or if you want to give some kind of suggestion, you can share your opinion with us in the Comment Box below.

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