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Sunday, 12 July 2020

How To Do Surya Namaskar: Steps And Its Benefits

Before starting the practice of Surya namaskar stands with foot together or slightly apart. Arms relaxed by the side of your body close your eyes and become aware of the physical body.

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Starting at top of your bodywork your awareness through the body relaxing and tension you find on the way .your awareness is like torch pricing into the darkness of the body.
Ask yourself how your feeling am I comfortable? Am I relaxed? Feel that you are being pulled by a thread which is attached to the top of your head.
Now take your full concentration to the bottom of your feet and feel the sole in contact with the floor.
Feel that your body is pulling by the gravity and that all tension From the top of your head is being pulled down through your feet and into the ground.
At the same time be aware of vital force moving up through your body allowing you to maintain a relaxed and comfortable upright position. Be aware of this for a few movements and then move toward the practice of Surya namaskar.
Surya namaskar consists of 12 physical posture. These alternate forward and backward bending asanas.
Flex and stretch your spinal column and limb through their maximum range.

Breathing technique :

The basic principles of breath in Surya Namaskar is inhalation during backward bending posture due to the expansion of your chest and exhalation during forwarding bending due to compression of your chest and abdomen.

Position 1.
  • Stand straight with feet together or keep little distance and close the eyes.
  • Place both the palms in front of your chest at heart level.
  • Breath pattern : Normally
Position 2.
Hasth Utthasna:
  • Raise and stretch your both arms above the head with palm face backward.
  • Stretch the whole body 
  • Stretch the whole body as far as back as is comfortably possible and be aware of the curve of the upper back.
  • Breathing pattern: inhale while raising the arm.
Position 3.

Padhastasna : 
  • In continuous movement bend forward from the hip.
  • Bring the hand toward the floor on either side of the feet and try to touch your forehead with your knee.
  • Legs should remain straight focus your awareness at the pelvis.
  • Breathing pattern: Exhale bending forward try to contact the abdomen in the final position to expel more air from the lungs .
Position 4.
Ashwa Sanchalasna :
  • Keep both hands in place on either side of the feet bend the left knee .while extending the right back as far as possible.
  • The right toes are tucked under and the knee is touching the floor.
  • Bring your pelvis forward arch the spine and lookup.
  • The fingertips touch the floor and balance your body.
  • Focus your awareness at the eyebrow center.
  • You should feel stretch from thigh move upward along the front of body all the way to the eyebrow center.
  • Breathing pattern: Inhale while bringing chest forward 
Postion 5.

Parvatasna :
  • Bring palm to floor .Take left foot back and place it beside right. 
  • Simultaneously raise the buttocks and lower the head between the arms so that body forms the triangle with the floor.
  • The legs and arms should be straight the final position Aim to press the heal down to the floor but not strain.
  • Bend the head forward as far as possible so that the eyes can look to at the knees. Focus your awareness at the neck area.
  • Breathing: Exhale while taking left leg back
Position 6.
Astang Namaskar :
  • Lower the knees to the floor then bring the chest and chin to the floor keep the buttocks elevated the hand knee, chin and toes touch the floor and spine is arched.
Position 7.

Pravart ASNA :
  • Keep arm and legs straight while pivoting from shoulder raise the buttocks and bring the head down to reassume the position . The hand and feet do not move from position. 
  • Raise the buttocks and lower the heel to the floor.
  • Breathing: Exhale while raising the buttocks.
No.of round :  

  • At least 2 to 3 daily 
  • If you exhaust then don't do 
Best Time : The ideal time to practice Surya namaskar is at sunrise the most peaceful day 
  • Face toward sun 
  • Do in open air 
  • Do in Pty stomach 
  • Before dinner 
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Surya Namaskar Mantras:

Sun mantras should be spoken during the Surya namaskar time for getting better results.

         "Om ravahye namaha om suryanamha   Om bhavaye namah on pushne namha  Om hirnya gahiranya namha Om marichiya namaha om Aditya namha Om savitre namaha om arkya namah         Om bhaskrya namha "

Benefits of Surya Namaskar.

Glow Skin :
  • Boost your blood circulation gives to your skin and your face 
  • Prevent you from old aging.
Help Loose : 
  • Doing Surya Namaskar faster than normal helps to lose weight. 
  • It's possible to stretch your abdominal muscles. 
  • It helps in improving your metabolism.
Help your body to detox : 
  • It helps you to maintain an efficient inhalation and exhalation process.
  • Lungs get properly ventilated and blood get fresh oxygen. 
  • It detoxifies you to get rid of carbon dioxide and other gases.
Decrease sugar level :
  • Regular practice of Surya Namaskar helps to maintain your sugar level and prevent you from numerous heart disease.
For menstrual cycle : 
  • Regular practice of Surya Namaskar makes your abdominal muscles strong and for a less painful experience of the menstrual cycle.
  • Regular practice of Surya Namaskar helps in easing the process of childbirth.
For hair loss : 
  • Regular practice of Surya Namaskar improve blood circulation to scalp prevent hair loss. Blood will nourish to head and enable healthy hair growth.
  • Prevent the graying of hair.
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