Thursday, 2 July 2020

India approves proposal for 33 fighter jets from Russia

India Order new 33 fighter AirCraft from Russia immediately.

22 Su-30MKI and 11 Mig-29 ordered in this border tension with China.

Indian AirForce eagerly waiting for the first delivery of Raffale AirCraft which made new strength to the Air force. In this tough times in border Indian Airforce ready for any conditions. Under this some new fighter jets ordered from russia ru bring a well occuiped airforce.

Defence minister approves a proposal to purchase 33 fighter jets from Russia amid ongoing border tensions with China.

Under the proposed government-to-government deal, Russia will supply 21 MiG 29 fighter jets and 12 Sukhoi Su-30 MKI aircraft to Indian Air Force (IAF). The deal is estimated to cost Rs60bn ($787.6m), reported ANI.

According to a WION news report, Russia will assess the feasibility of delivering the jets in the shortest possible timeframe.

Currently, Russia is also working with the IAF to support the modernisation of MiG 29 fighters. The upgrades will improve the combat capabilities of MiG-29 fighters, as well as enable the aircraft to integrate new

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