Thursday, 2 July 2020

India deployed Special forces in ladakh

Special Forces Deployed in Ladakh to amid china.

Para SF regiments deployed in ladakh region to assure fully security and amid chinesse inflation. Because these special forces are the best one in their jobs ,they have fast adaptability capacity because they are trained in that way that they can be fit for any assignment. From many years Special Forces made country proud by msking surgical strike in Pakistan after Uti attack , these are the one whee fear and defeat have no space.

For these tough conditions like ladakh where only opposite side is not enemy but weather also threatens alot,thats why well trained troops are deployed in such tough trains, so that they can easily resis enemy.
Thays why these Special forces are deployed in these tough condtion for assuring security near the region. As per media reports India deployed Akash missile defense system and China deployed S400 near ladakh border wich are not a good sign for peace and harmony. China india india meetings results no solid decesion for deascelation of both armies,thats why such condition are made which is not good for both countries war is not a solution for any dispute , disputes solves only with dialouges and talks. Both countries should focus on Covid 19 for saving lives of countrymen .

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