Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Covid vaccine available in august by ICMR

Two Indian covid Vaccinne enters in clinical trial ICMR expected that vaccines will be available by tht 15th of Agust.

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World threat from covid-19 is around 1.8 times the number of active cases. In many states, the number of daily discharges from hospitals is more than that of daily admissions.

Covid-19 cases are unequal in distribution in India. “As much as 86% of total active covid-19 cases are confined to just 10 states, while 50% of active cases are in two states, which shows that the spread of covid-19 is not happening uniformly across the country," said Rajesh Bhushan, officer on special duty (OSD), in the health ministry.

As testing is critical in containing the spread, the World Health Organization (WHO) has come out with a document underlining the need for comprehensive surveillance and testing of suspect covid-19 cases, stating that testing 140 people per day per 1 million population would be comprehensive.

“As many as 22 states are doing more than 140 covid-19 tests per day per million. Centre is asking states and Union territories to increase testing so that we proceed towards the guidelines given by the WHO. There were 101 covid-19 RT-PCR testing labs in mid-March, while today there are 1,206 RT-PCR testing labs and 280 rapid antigen testing centres," Bhushan said.

The government has also conducted a sero survey to find the presence of coronavirus among people in containment zones. The ICMR said that at present stratification of data collected for the sero survey in Delhi and its analysis is being done. As many as 22,800 blood samples were collected for this particular sero survey till 5 July.

The health ministry said that the national covid-19 fatality rate is 2.6% and it is coming down.


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